Athletic scholarships: Are they worth it?

athletic scholarships infographic

Contrary to popular belief, colleges don’t pay for every single athlete to have a full ride to college. The competition for these scholarships alone is very high stakes.

Colleges are actually limited to giving out only 10 scholarships per season. However, if the coaches want to bring more athletes to their school, they can divide the scholarships up to provide more opportunities.

While it may seem that every athlete makes big bucks while in college, they actually don’t. College athletes often receive minimal athletic scholarships, and are not allowed to make money off of their likeness while “employed” with the NCAA.

Competing make be in these athletes blood, but is it worth it to try so hard for a scholarship that won’t pay for their entire schooling when they can apply for non-athletic scholarships?

I think that there are way more opportunities to get a non-athletic scholarship. These athletes can apply for non-athletic scholarships and still try out for the team that they wish to play for and still most likely get a spot on the team. That way they have the possibility of receiving more funds while still playing the sport that they love.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think that athletic scholarships are worth it? Were you surprised by the athletic scholarship statistics in the infographic? Let me know in the comments below!